The Fair at the PNE Pacific National Exhibition

The Best Part of Summer

For over 100 years, the Annual Fair at the PNE has held an important place in BC's history. To this day, it remains one of BC's most popular ticketed events.


Since 1993, PRP has produced all of the entertainment at the Fair - from whimsical, roving parades to the iconic Summer Night Concert series. Each year, the objective is not only to maximize ticket sales and repeat visits, but also to remain a cultural mainstay in BC.


PRP assembles a spectacular and diverse programming schedule that delivers legendary crowd favourites while also introducing exciting and innovative acts each year; PRP also works closely with PNE sponsors to activate their brand within the footprint of the Fair. From open to close for all 17 days of the Fair, PRP staff are on-site providing full entertainment management services. As a result, the PNE has seen a consistent increase in the number of visitors per year.


PRP Events


Vancouver, Canada


1993 - Present

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