CFL Grey Cup Halftime and Pre-Game Show

You're invited to Canada's Biggest Party

The Grey Cup brings the nation together, giving us an opportunity to celebrate what is uniquely and proudly Canadian - including some of the best musical talent in the world.


The CFL has entrusted PRP to produce the Halftime and Kick-off Shows for the past twelve Grey Cup games. We have been given the task of creating and producing a show that achieves the goals of our national sponsors and partners while wowing millions of spectators – both in the stands and at home. Every year, viewership increases; it is our goal to ensure that the Grey Cup Halftime Show remains one of the most-watched telecasts on Canadian TV.


PRP works closely with the CFL, TSN, RDS, Universal Music and Shaw to define the key objectives of the show and ensure that all stakeholders’ interests are met. As a result, the Grey Cup Halftime Shows have consistently featured some of the biggest musical acts in the world, promising an incredible show for the millions of football fans in Canada and around the world.


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