Coastal Summit Celebration Event Production and Management

Celebrating the Greenlighting of the LNG Canada Project

As a joint venture backed by five global energy companies headquartered in five different nations, our goal for the evening was to highlight the multinational effort of the organization.


The vision was to produce a uniquely West Coast event that celebrated not only the project, but also the community and all of the people involved in the journey. Every aspect of this event — including the decor, catering, and entertainment — was inspired by this narrative.


We oversaw the construction of a custom structure on the picturesque grounds of the Museum of Anthropology. This allowed for a unique space that was not only beautiful and inviting to guests — it also told a story.

By embedding custom wooden plinths amongst the lush greenery installations, we were able to highlight the Indigenous arts community. This shone a spotlight on a talented artist from the Haisla Nation and wove a West Coast narrative into the space.

Our entertainment programming paid homage to the multicultural, multinational nature of the project. Haisla Nation performers were invited. We also put together a custom production number that featured Japanese Taiko drumming, Chinese ribbon and fan dancers, Irish stepdance and traditional Korean performers. This stunning finale to the evening celebrated a convergence of culture, teamwork, creativity and community.


PRP Events


Vancouver, BC


October 2018

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