This past November, Grey Cup 100 was selected as a featured event covered by the hit Discovery Channel show Nerve Center.

On Wednesday, June 26th at 8:00pm, be sure to tune in for a behind-the-scenes glimpse – a fun way to see our team in action, having ‘fun in the process’, and working alongside a great production team from TSN, the CFL and the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

The show features a different “high-pressure” operation every episode. Covering the 24 hours leading up to the main event, the crew from Nerve Center captured rehearsal footage, game day prep and all the angst and excitement of the execution of Grey Cup 100. You won’t want to miss it!

Our episode has been selected to premiere the third successful season of Nerve Center! Congratulations to the CFL on Grey Cup 100, which may prove to be as entertaining behind the scenes as it was first-hand for viewers.