PRP's passion and expertise to execute diverse, high-profile projects builds long-standing client relationships. We achieve objectives with professionalism and dependability…and have fun in the process!


At PRP, we have mastered the delicate balance of international protocol and the emotional theatre of ceremony to dazzle your audiences. PRP Creative Sport delivers; from concept development, casting, scripting and soundtracks to the coordination of sets, lighting, audio, and full show direction. With a blend of pageantry, show production, and celebration, we produce the highest quality entertainment that will achieve the objectives of sport event stakeholders.

  • Our Specialties include
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Halftime Shows
  • Mascot Programs
  • Audience Stunts and Participation


PRP Creative Entertainment creates spectacular customized live entertainment.  From the rise of the curtain to the final bow, we produce the magic that will bring your audience to their feet. Our imaginative team works with you to develop intellectual property and to bring innovative ideas to life.  PRP’s extensive knowledge seamlessly incorporates the creative, technical and production elements for the ultimate entertainment experience that will leave your crowds chanting for more.

  • Our Specialties include
  • Themed Entertainment
  • Concerts
  • Character Shows and Programs


PRP Corporate Productions specializes in the integration of business theatre solutions to achieve corporate objectives. Our expertise in producing innovative corporate events ensures that objectives are met: promoting brand recognition; presenting strategies to targeted audiences; introducing new products; and celebrating company achievements.

Through our productions, clients successfully train, educate, motivate, inform, entertain and reward their audience, from employees and colleagues to shareholders and potential investors.  Our professionalism and dependability to see the project through to completion is paramount in our commitment to both corporate and government clients. When it comes to your company agendas, our expertise gets down to business.

  • Our Specialties include
  • Corporate Theatre
  • Conventions
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Keynote Speakers

PRP Theatrical

A collection of imaginative full-length feature theatrical shows, PRP Creative Theatricals inspire, delight and amuse theatre-goers. Each show is written, conceived, produced and directed entirely by PRP. Our live musical stage shows offer audience members dynamic production numbers, original soundtracks, spectacular theatrical effects, casts of charming, loveable characters and audience interaction.

  • Our Specialties include
  • Family Theatre
  • Live Musicals
  • Character Show


PRP Creative Events produces spectacular customized events.  From elegant awards shows and gala affairs to commemorative ceremonies, we showcase your achievements with exuberance and flair.  Our extensive experience producing community events and fundraising initiatives successfully brings people together in support of the cause.  Our stylistic press conferences and media programming recognize your organization and promote its successes and initiatives.  Through each stage of the event, from the initial concept development to the final strike of the set, we collaborate with you to make your event special.

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  • Our Specialties include
  • Government & Protocol Events
  • Awards & Recognition Galas
  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  • Press Conferences & Media Events
  • Television & Video Production
  • Parades & Mass Attendance Spectacles