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The Rhythm of the PNE Fair

August 22, 2012

nick-carter-300x196We are on Day 5 of the PNE Fair and we are finally hitting a rhythm. The first four days are always a blur as there are many special events and of course many shows that need attention to get opened. By the end of the Fair we will have done over 500 shows.

not-nick-carter-300x204Once we get into the swing of things, we actually have a few moments to enjoy the Fair, explore the many eating options and plan ‘things’ to keep everyone on their toes. So far the highlight food treat has been the frozen, chocolate covered cheesecake from Granny’s (near Rib Fest). Other early highlights of the Fair include Dal kicking off another Fair, some of the crazy responses we have seen at Family Feud Live, huge crowds on Monday and Nick Carter and Nik meeting the cast of Boogie Fever.