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Crossing the Rockies

June 21, 2013

You never know where the world of live show production will take you. This week we did not actually produce a show but spent our time in the prairies surveying sites and venue for shows later this year. Often the site survey is the time when you actually can enjoy a city and the amenities, as you are not under the extreme time pressure of producing the live event.

Our week began with a quick flight over the Rockies to Edmonton. This was our first chance to see the venue for Sarah McLachlan’s Barefoot in the Backyard event. As we ventured west of the University of Alberta we arrived at the grounds of a beautiful post-modern home overlooking the North Saskatchewan River. The family home, known as “Soaring” was a donation to the University by Sandy and Cécile Mactaggart in 2010. It truly will be a magnificent site for an intimate evening of music on September 14th.


We managed to make it back to Vancouver for a day before once again crossing the Rockies. This time we were off to the site of the 2013 Grey Cup, Regina. This was our second trip to scope out Mosaic Stadium for the big game this November. However, this was the first time we were there when it was not snow covered. The stadium has already added over 3000 temporary bleachers and there are more to come this summer. It really is amazing how the city and province support the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The city was buzzing even though it was just the first home CFL exhibition game of the season. This city will embrace the Grey Cup and all the festivities like no other place in Canada. It will be a huge party on the prairies in November.


Although the weather and flooding was not nearly as terrible as southern Alberta we did witness some strange weather. Just before game time a severe thunderstorm came through town and flooded underpasses and made the area around Mosaic Stadium treacherous due to high water. Then following the game the storm continued to the East so we headed out of town on a small prairie dirt road to watch an amazing electrical storm (the kind we rarely get in Vancouver). On the flight back to Vancouver it was amazing to see the swollen and flooded rivers of Alberta from overhead. We wish all our friends and colleagues in Calgary the best.

Lightning 09